Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine presented a book donation to IFNUL Scientific Library « International Office

Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine presented a book donation to IFNUL Scientific Library

MAY 28, 2015 – Within the framework of Latvia’s presidency in the EU Council Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine with the support of the Honorary Consulate of Latvia in Lviv organizes a series of meetings to transfer the experience of Latvia in local government reforms, the implementation of the Association Agreement and joining the EU as well as to present the culture of Latvia .

National Library of Latvia in order to promote a positive image of Latvia in Ukraine and for dissemination of knowledge about Latvia and its culture prepared the book present to Scientific Library of IFNUL. On May 21, 2015 a presentation ceremony was held and presented books were transfered to Scientific Library of the University.

“I am pleased to visit libraries, and especially the old ones” – the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine Argita Daudze shared emotions from the visit to the University Library. Ambassador Daudze noted that in the time of changes, when reforms are implementing in Ukraine, Latvia can share its own experience. “Latvia always will be in solidarity with Ukraine,” – said the Ambassador.

“On behalf of the Rector and Administration of the University I have the honor and a special pleasure to thank you, Madam Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine, for the efforts in building cultural bridges between Latvia and Ukraine – addressed the diplomat Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Mariya Zubrytska. Prof. Zubrytska noted that “today is a special day, because Eastern Partnership Summit started in Riga, on which Ukraine and the Ukrainian society may impose too much hope, but signals of support and true partnership are important for us firs of all.” “We feel this support since Latvia started the presidency in the EU. 5 our students are studing on the program of European Studies at the Latvian State University at the present time. They are extremely satisfied and highlight it on their pages on social networks. We had the honour to welcome professors of the Latvian University and the Higher Law School in Riga. Such direct communication between professors is the best way to learn the lessons “, – said Vice-Rector.

According to Prof. Mariya Zubrytska, library is not only a place of historical memory, but the place where the past and present meets, which opens the door to the future. “A nation that reads, chooses the right strategy; State which reads, learns the lessons and experiences of other countries and is responsible always adopts right decisions. But statesmen must realize the historic responsibility in the current probationary period for Ukrainian society, read and learn from the experience of small Baltic countries that taught our great country how to be bold, assertive, decisive and go forward “, – the Vice-Rector concluded. An exhibition of photographs and detailed exposition of the book fund of the University Library devoted to Latvian history and culture has been presented in the main reading room of the Scientific Library of IFNUL.


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