Attaché of the French Embassy in Ukraine Sylvain Rigollet met with the scientists of the University « International Office

Attaché of the French Embassy in Ukraine Sylvain Rigollet met with the scientists of the University

JUNE 6, 2016 – In order to discuss the current state of French-Ukrainian cooperation a meeting between Attaché of the French Embassy in Ukraine Sylvain Rigollet and coordinator of Campus France Ukraine Olga Dorosh was held on June 2, 2016, in the Mirror Hall of the University. It was attended by scientists from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv who had taken participation in different international projects and programmes in the framework of cooperation of Lviv National University with universities and research institutions of France.

The scientists of Lviv National University spoke about the projects on which they worked together with their French colleagues, focusing on the achievements and issues that have arisen in the course of cooperation. They also outlined the prospects for deepening and expanding the cooperation with universities and scientific institutions of France not only in the sphere of Humanities but also in Natural Sciences. Parties discussed the prospects for deepening cooperation between universities, focusing mainly on the issues of obtaining double diplomas, academic mobility, student exchange, stafftraining and work on joint scientific and educational projects.

During the meeting there was discussed the need to deepen the French-Ukrainian academic and scientific cooperation and expanding the opportunities for student mobility. “In nowaday’s globalized world French universities, like universities in other countries, need to have good partners. Ukrainian universities are generally known for their high quality of education and level of knowledge, “- said Sylvain Rigollet.

Henceforth, the process of establishing interinstitutional contacts, according attaché of the French Embassy in Ukraine is one of the important issues of integration into the European educational space. Sylvain Rigollet assured his Ukrainian colleagues that the Embassy intends to support the initiatives of the Ukrainian universities in their efforts to work together with the universities in France.


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