Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania visited IFNUL « International Office

Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania visited IFNUL

MAY 18, 2015 – Dainius Žalimas, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania met Rector of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Prof. Volodymyr Melnyk during his first visit to Lviv.

“The ties that bind Ukraine and Lithuania in political, economic and social spheres are very strong. I would also like to emphasize on the long-term friendly cooperation between the Constitutional Courts of Ukraine and Lithuania. I sincerely believe in the great potential of the deeper and closer Ukrainian-Lithuanian cooperation in the legal sphere. We are partners devoted to the common fundamental constitutional values and principles,” — stressed the Head of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania.

Rector of IFNUL, Prof. Volodymyr Melnyk thanked Lithuanian people for solidarity and support of Ukrainians and assured that Lviv University is a reliable partner for the educational, scientific and other specialized institutions of Lithuania. “We feel great community and solidarity with you. What is happening in Ukraine, has changed the people of your country much, as well as the people of Lithuania”, — said Dainius Žalimas and explained:”Your struggle is a struggle for us”. “This is primarily the struggle of values and ideologies for the right to defend our civilizational choice” — supported the idea of his Lithuanian colleague Prof. Andriy Boyko.

The meeting also discussed Lithuania’s experience in the implementation of reforms needed for the continuation of the path of political and economic integration, which is impossible without the constitutional reform, asserting the rule of law supremacy.


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