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Finnish researcher and journalist Jukka Rislakki public lecture “How to deal with Russian propaganda”

SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 – On September 10, 2015, Finnish journalist, writer, analyst, and cartoonist Jukka Rislakki visited IFNUL, met with students of the Faculty of Journalism and conducted the lecture on the topic “Russian propaganda and disinformation against the Baltic States and Ukraine” as well as presented Ukrainian translation of his recently published book: “Vorkuta! Uprising in labor camp“.

Jukka Rislakki was presented by the founder and director of the publishing house “Litopys” Mykhaylo Komarnytskyy. He thanked the Finnish guest for cooperation and for the opportunity to translate and publish in Ukrainian this very important in the historical context research about Vorkuta. Mykhaylo Komarnytskyy encouraged the students to dialogue with Jukka Rislakki and to read and study the research, because “the most important thing is reading books that alter consciousness.”

During the lecture Jukka Rislakki noted that “the mechanisms of Russian disinformation is completely transferred from the Stalin era. However, they featured one new epithet – “Banderas”, although in Russia no one knows for sure who is Stepan Bandera. The Russians have only understanding of fascism and believe that the Nazis must be decimated.”

Europe and US is aware of the real situation in Ukraine, so misinformation on Ukrainian territory is insignificant. Answering the question “What to do with the propaganda?” – Jukka Rislakki told about the Latvian experience: “By decision of the Latvian state leadership several key Russian propaganda channels were closed. Although this is not enough. There are should be alternative sources providing quality information.”

The Russian actions in Eastern Ukraine and Georgia researcher considers to have positive consequences, because “Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine are united in the so-called fraternal group, and NATO troops are realy close to the Russian border today.”

After the lecture the speaker answered the students’ questions, which concerned the process of writing the book about the labor camp in Vorkuta, and gave some tips on how to fight and win in the information war against Russia.


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