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Global Japan Office was opened at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 – In 2016, an agreement was signed between our university and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS). Currently, IFNUL accepts three students from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, who study Ukrainian language and culture at a short-term program, as well as we have one student, who is studying in Japan. In addition, close academic relationships are presented among the teachers of our universities.

Therefore, the initiative of the opening of the representation of the Tokyo Foreign Languages ​​University – GLOBAL JAPAN OFFICE is extremely relevant and necessary. This institution is conceived as a channel for coordinating joint educational programs. From the Japanese side, the Japanese language and literature teacher, recommended by Tokyo University of Foreign Languages, will be involved in this office, which is a very significant help in preparing Japanese students studying at our university.

At the moment, GLOBAL JAPAN OFFICE is represented in 12 countries across continents. It is very important and symbolic that the first representation of the GLOBAL JAPAN OFFICE in Eastern Europe will be at our university, because IFNUL is the oldest scientific and educational institution of higher education in Eastern Europe. On September 14, 2017, a delegation from TUFS has arrived to IFNUL to open the GLOBAL JAPAN OFFICE: Director of the Institute of Japanese Studies, Prof. Emiko Gajatsu as well as two teachers, who are interested in Ukrainian studies.

Tokyo University of Foreign Languages ​​is one of the leading universities in Japan with its deep history and great scientific and pedagogical potential. It currently teaches 27 languages ​​and literatures of the world at the different study levels, including Ukrainian.


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