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About Lviv

Lviv is the largest city in Western part of Ukraine. According to the 2015 statistics, the population of Lviv was 729 429 people. During the academic year, the city of Lviv boasts about 130 000 students. The strong and visible presence of students in Lviv gives the city a youth and modern feel, and creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm and optimism.

Information Centre

The town of Lviv operates Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at the main square (Rynok Square 1) in the building of the Town Hall. There you can find a wide selection of maps, brochures and other information materials about Lviv and its region, and it also acts as a ticket agency offering tickets for a number of cultural events. Additional info you may find at TIC website: http://lviv.travel/en

As with all capital cities, Lviv does not lack for interesting events all year round. There are various cultural events, festivals and celebrations taking place either in the open air, in halls or in nontraditional venues.

Be always updated about the cultural events at Lviv: http://lviv.travel/en/index

Getting to Lviv

By air

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO) is located at Lyubinska Str. just 7 km from the city centre. Lviv has established air service with 15 countries and its main destinations include Kyiv, Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, Dortmund, Rome, Milan, Moscow and Istanbul. More information about flight timetables and connections is available on the airport website: http://lwo.aero/en

By rail

Ukraine has extensive railway network which is operated by main railway company «Ukrainian Railways». It is possible to buy tickets at railway station or book them online. The company provides first and second class travel. More information about domestic train timetables: http://uz.gov.ua/en/passengers/

Book train tickets online: http://booking.uz.gov.ua/en/

By bus

A number of regular bus routes run from the largest cities of the European Union to Lviv. It is easier to get to Lviv from Ukraine’s neighboring countries. For instance, you can take a bus to Lviv from Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava etc. All international bus routes depart from Central Bus Station (Stryiska Str. 109) and Central Railway Station (Dvirtseva Sq. 1). Book bus tickets online: http://bus.tickets.ua/en

FlixBus - German bus company FlixBus offers bus routes to Ukraine from Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic and provides ecologically friendly and low-cost bus lines also to Lviv. For further information please see: https://www.flixbus.com/bus-schedule-bus-stop/lviv

Public Transport in Lviv

As Lviv is quite a big city, at first navigation seems to be difficult. So, we have found some useful services which can help you find your way. To get more info about public transport in Lviv, please visit: http://lviv.travel/en/

EasyWay – a very convenient way to find the best route. http://www.eway.in.ua/en/cities/lviv

Also available for your mobile device:

Also, you can order a taxi. Here are few contacts of the most comfortable and cheap taxi services:
UBER: https://www.uber.com/ua/uk/ride/
Bolt: https://bolt.eu/uk-ua/
Taxi Optymalne: +38(067) 607-42-42, +38(063)195-42-42
Taxi Ekonom: +38(067) 883-04-04, +38(063) 562-07-05, +38(099) 243-08-08


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