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  • Buddy System IFNUL - Welcome Week 2015 Program
  • Movie Nightclub 2015

    Buddy System IFNUL prepares Welcome Week for newcomers.

      It’s wonderful opportunity to get to know some peculiarities of University and Lviv, find new friends and spend unforgettable time together.

    Welcome Week includes several activities:
    -      Orientation walk where you can explore city and university buildings, dormitory etc.
    -      Information meetings with university's stuff, organizations and NGOs about opportunities concerning active student’s life.
    -      Cultural evenings when students from different countries will have a chance to represent their culture, traditions and peculiarities. In addition, of course, you will get to know more about Ukraine..
    -      Fun activities such as movie nights, welcome party etc.

      The end of the Welcome Week is like cherry on the cake – trip to Carpathian Mountains on the weekend to explore the beauty of Ukrainian nature, play games outdoors etc.



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    IFNUL Preparatory School for International Students

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