TEDxLNU – “Краще Завтра” (Independently organised TED event) « International Office

TEDxLNU – “Краще Завтра” (Independently organised TED event)

MAY 8, 2015 – On May 7, 2015 All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference TEDxLNU started at the Main Hall of IFNUL and was attended by experts from different spheres of human life. The participants joined the discussion of issues relating to various spheres of human life during the conference. The experts conducted effective trainings, contributing to the formation of personality and socialization.

Anne Golembiovska, an expert in political communication, discussed current trends of Ukrainian politics in her speech. Moreover, the participants had an opportunity to join Kredobank CEO Dmytro Krepak’s training, who spoke about new trends in banking. Students also attended the lecture given by Mykhaylo Dumanskyi, the chairman of NGO “CREart” (which organizes scientific, socio-cultural and entertainment events in Lviv), co-founder of the artistic journal «ARTarea», focused on the future of educational ecosystems.

Hordiy Ostapovych, master of sports storing, acquainted the students with the peculiarities of human mental and physical activity, including forgetting and remembering. Fred Martins, graphic designer, shared his thoughts concerning the influence of parental decision on the future career of a child with the participants of the conference. Nadiya Balovsyak, the journalist and the blogger, discussed the development of IT technologies and their impact on our future in her speech.

Roman Kushnir, editor of the psychological magazine “Experiment” and founder of the School of Psychological Experiment (SPE), pondered over the question how to manage to do everything and even more. Oleh Shargorodskiy, CEO at Shargo Consulting, focused the participants’ attention on the following matter: “Is goal a fashion statement or a vital necessity?”.


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