University students visited international organizations in Vienna

Students of the Faculty of International Relations visited Vienna with a study trip. In the capital of Austria future diplomats had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main principles of work of leading international organizations, to communicate with experienced colleagues and visit educational, cultural and diplomatic institutions. This trip was financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinated by OeAD central office in Vienna.
At first students visited the conference hall of the UN Office and attended very interesting exhibition devoted space research. After that students had a meeting with Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the International Organizations in Vienna Igor Prokopchuk. The diplomatic officer told about the work of permanent delegation and scope of activities, focusing on increasing the volume of work in connection with the situation in Ukraine, but also ensured that the optimal number of state allows to execute effectively all the assigned tasks. First Secretary Sergiy Dvornyk told details of information activity of the delegation, workflow and collaboration with Austrian representatives.
For acquaintance with sphere of education in Austria students visited Vienna Diplomatic Academy, where they met with the Rector Hans Winkler who told about history of the Academy and its activities.
Students also visited OeAD central office in Vienna. Future diplomats were met by Gunther Yedlichka who told about academic summer school organized by OeAD in order to familiarize students with economy of the common good – a system that offers a solution to current environmental, social and economic problems.
Apart from international organizations, diplomatic missions and educational institutions students also had the opportunity to visit cultural institutions of Austrian capital and enjoy an unparalleled atmosphere of the ancient city.

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