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Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

International Office

  IFNUL International Office was founded in 1983.

  During the period of 1991-2021 the University established academic relations with the universities of more than 40 foreign countries and they are developed actively. These are educational institutions in Hungary, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Moldova and Australia. The contacts with Polish educational institutions and scientific establishments are especially tight.

  Professors and students of the University take active part in different kinds of international seminars, conferences and other academic events. International congresses, conferences, sessions, scientific trainings became effective forms of collaboration. At present there are more than 500 post-graduate students who continue their studies in foreign universities, colleges, summer schools in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Austria and other countries. There are more than 100 co-operational agreements signed with institutions and universities around the world.

  IFNUL students, academic staff and other staff may contact the International Office whenever they seek information concerning the University’s activities abroad. The International Office staff are ready to offer advice or assistance.

  The International Office carries out the following main activities:

●  coordinates and performs information exchange, establishes contacts with foreign educational and scientific institutions, with outstanding scholars and politicians, famous scientists, professors and lecturers, and also with foreigners who want to study at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv;

●  maintains data base of foreign students and instructors, and also instructors and students of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv who go abroad on exchange, on a business trip or for training;

●  provides information on the work of embassies and foreign representations in Ukraine and representations and consulates of Ukraine abroad;

●  informs University subdivisions about international educational organizations, programs, foundations, and also about participation of students, scholars, young specialists in competitions for gaining scholarships and grants;

●  maintains data base of exchange programs;

●  performs translations of the correspondence received by the University and the correspondence that is sent abroad;

●  coordinates and officially registers business trips of instructors, scholars, members of the staff and students of the University;

●  advises foreign instructors and students concerning the issues of academic life and living conditions in Ukraine, officially registers invitations, conducts visa registration work;

●  receives official foreign delegations and separate specialists (prepares orders and stay programs, helps with accommodation);

●  prepares projects of cooperation agreements with educational institutions of foreign countries;

●  prepares reports on international activity of the University for the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, prepares information on acceptance of foreign specialists , students and post-graduate students into Ukrainian International Education Centre, Education Board of Lviv Region, Lviv Visa and Registration Department and sanitation station;

●  conducts coordinating work with regard to the projects accomplished at the University, maintains contacts with foundations and missions acting in Ukraine.