Post-Graduate Studies

Post-Graduate Studies in Ukrainian

General Information

ADMISSION RULES 2022 (in Ukrainian)

All foreign applicants should be able to speak Ukrainian language in order to pass entrance exam in Ukrainian language and Candidate’s Examination “Ukrainian language (as a foreign language)” during post-graduate studies.

Submission of documents is carried out from August 15 to August 26, 2022.

Tuition fee (2022-2023)* – 1st year of study

– Full-time study – 78823 UAH per year

– Part-time study – 55175 UAH per year

*All payments must be paid in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). Exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine as of August 15, 2022: 1 USD = 36,57 UAH.

Сontact Information

Department of Doctoral and Post-Graduate Studies

Universytetska Str. 1, Room 210

Lviv, 79000, Ukraine

tel: +38(032)239-47-73


Working Hours – Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00

List of required documents:

1. Application form (completed during submission of documents);

2. Personal data form from IFNUL Human Resources Department.

3. List of published works (if any) and short essay with description of the chosen topic. Essay should be submitted to the supervisor.

4. Supervisor review of scientific papers of the applicant.

5. Certified and legalised copy of diploma and diploma supplement (bachelor and master).

6. Two photographs: 30×40 mm (1) and 40×60 mm (1);.

7. Medical certificate about the state of health care, notarized by the official organ of health of country which a foreigner arrived from, and given out not later than two months to departure on teaching to Ukraine; document about absence of HIV infection.

8. Copy of the passport of a foreigner.


List of Specialties

Specialty Code Specialty
011 Education and Pedagogy
015 Professional Education
025 Musical Art
031 Religious Studies
032 History and Archeology
033 Philisophy
035 Philology
051 Economics
052 Political Studies
053 Psychology
054 Sociology
061 Journalism
071 Acconting and Taxation
072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
073 Management
075 Marketing
076 Business and Trade Activities
081 Law
091 Biology
101 Ecology
102 Chemistry
103 Earth Sciences
104 Physics and Astronomy
105 Applied Physics and Nanomaterials
111 Mathematics
112 Statistics
113 Applied Mathematics
122 Computer Science and Information Technology
281 Public Management and Administration
292 International Economic Relations
293 International Law