International Partners and Agreements

The global network of IFNUL partners is dedicated to fostering international collaboration in the realms of science and education. Its mission involves aiding participants in the educational process and researchers to effectively navigate the vast sea of information while realizing the full potential of their ideas.

Internationalizing the university stands out as a pivotal strategy for upholding and advancing its reputation for delivering high-quality education. Collaborations with foreign institutions and enterprises not only validate the caliber of higher education but also garner global recognition, positioning the university competitively. IFNUL actively engages in partnerships with esteemed institutions, facilitating students’ access to higher education abroad through scholarship programs or dual diploma initiatives. Collaborations extend to international scientific institutions, university associations, and more, contributing to the enhancement of scientists’ skills and the broadening of their knowledge horizons. Through international educational projects, the university attracts experts from leading companies, creating opportunities for invaluable hands-on experience and the acquisition of essential contemporary skills.