Erasmus+ incoming students


General information

Erasmus+ Partner Universities

Erasmus+ IFNUL Information Sheet 2024 (UA LVIV01)

Foreign students/scholars seeking mobility grants within Erasmus+ exchange programme first should check with their university’s international office for existing agreements and name of contact persons of these agreements. After being selected by their own university students should contact appropriate IFNUL Erasmus+ Coordinators.

Application procedure

Application for incoming students (bachelor, master, PhD) should consist of the following documents:

Application Form;

● Study Plan (Learning Agreement);

● Transcript of Records – for bachelor’s students; Bachelor’s Degree + Transcript of Records – for master’s students; Master’s Degree + Transcript of Records – for PhD students;

● English or Ukrainian language proficiency form (min. B1 level; copy of any official language certificate)

● Scan of personal ID or passport;

● Motivation letter (1 page maximum)

Please send all documents to IFNUL International Office by e-mail and then by post. Please remember to consult your Learning Agreement with the departmental Erasmus+ coordinators from your home University (sending university) and from the IFNUL (receiving university) and send them your Learning agreement for their confirmation.


Winter SemesterJune 15 (for 1st semester – winter semester 2024/2025, starts on September 1, 2024)

Summer SemesterDecember 1 (for 2nd semester – summer semester 2024/2025, starts on February 10, 2025)



Courses in English for Erasmus+ and exchange students (2022-2023)

Language of study at the IFNUL is Ukrainian and Englishplease consult Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinators for course list and its description. Students may choose among courses offered by the faculty, to which the student is admitted (except language courses which are provided by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Faculty of Philology). Scholarship holders of the Erasmus+ Programme studying at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv do not incur any costs related to studying.

We encourage you to take Ukrainian Language Course during the semester provided by the Department of Ukrainian Applied Linguistics. One semester of Ukrainian Language Course is free of charge for Erasmus+ exchange students. You may get 3 ECTS credits in case you meet the conditions of the course and your Ukrainian language class will be included in the Transcript of Records. To apply for the course, please send e-mail at least two weeks in advance before the start of your programme to IFNUL Incoming Students Officer about your intention to register for the course.


List of IFNUL Faculties and Specialties for Erasmus+ incoming students

Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Informatics, Applied Mathematics, Social Informatics, System Analysis and Control)

Biology (Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Zoology, Botany, Physiology, Genetics, Microbiology, and Virology)

Chemistry (Chemistry)

Culture and Arts (Bibliology, Librarian Science and Biblography, Cultural Studies, Theatre Studies)

Economics (Economic Theory, Economic Cybernetics, Information Systems in Management, Economic Statistics, Economics of Enterprise, Finances, Accounting and Audit, Banking, Taxation, International Economics)

Electronics (Radiophysics and Electronics, Physical and Biomedical Electronics, Applied Physics)

Financial Management and Business (Economics, Accounting and Taxation, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Public Management and Administration)

Foreign Languages (English, French, German and Spanish Language and Literature, Translation (English-Ukrainian), English Language)

Geography (Geography, Economic and Social Geography, Management of Institutions (Tourism, Ecology), Ecology and Environment Protection)

Geology (Geology, Geochemistry and Mineralogy, Ecology and Environment Protection)

History (History, Ethnology, Archival Studies, Archeology, Sociology)

International Relations (International Relations, International Information, Regional/Area Studies, International Law, International Economic Relations, International Business)

Journalism (Journalism)

Law (Law)

Mechanics and Mathematics (Mechanics, Mathematics, Statistics)

Pedagogy (Preschool Education, Primary Education, Correctional Education, Social Pedagogy)

Philology (Ukrainian Language and Literature, Bulgarian Language and Literature, Polish Language and Literature, Czech Language and Literature, Croatian Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Persian Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature)

Philosophy (Cultural Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology)

Physics (Physics, Astronomy, Physics of Solid State)

Additional requirements

We provide English-speaking Supervisors for PhD Students. PhD students applicants need to contact IFNUL before applying, with a scheduled research/teaching plan and a CV, in order to find a supervisor. Please get in touch with Oksana Krayevska (Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator) for more information.


Calendar for academic year

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

Fall semester: September 1 – January 5 (Exam period: Dec. 22 – Jan. 5, Winter holidays: January 6 – February 9)

Spring semester: February 9 – June 21 (Exam period: June 1 – June 21, Summer holidays: June 22 – August 31)


Visa & Insurance

Erasmus+ students can enter Ukraine on the basis of a valid travel document (passport) and a visa. A student has to obtain a visa from the Ukrainian Consulate. Before applying for a visa, please e-mail the following documents required for the long-term invitation to IFNUL Incoming Students Officer (, copy of your Diploma (High School Diploma and Transcript of Records – for Bachelor’s students, Bachelor’s Diploma – for Master’s students, Master’s Diploma – for PhD students) and copy of your Passport ID.

Detailed information about the visa procedure is available here:

All incoming students are supposed to have a medical insurance valid in Ukraine for the whole study period. You can obtain health insurance either in your country or in Ukraine (IFNUL does not provide any health insurance for students). The insurance has to cover all basic medical assistance cost and your travel expenses which may arise in connection with the return. List of Ukrainian insurance companies that have licenses for realization of medical insurance policies:


Accommodation and additional information

IFNUL provides accommodation for Erasmus+ incoming students. All information about your housing please find at the following webpage:

Additional information about your stay please find in our International Students Guide:



Each Erasmus student will have a mentor assigned. A mentor is a student – volunteer, who helps you to organize practical aspects of your stay in Lviv, especially in the very beginning. He is supposed to contact your by e-mail before your arrival. He can pick you up from the airport/railway station, help you to check-in at the dormitory (if you receive a place), go for shopping for the very first time, etc. If needed, mentor can help you sort out your documents, visitit a doctor etc. Mentor Programme is managed by IFNUL Buddy System. If you have any questions, please contact IFNUL Buddy System by mail:

Contact Person – IFNUL Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

Assosiate Prof. Oksana Krayevska
Faculty of International Relations
Sichovykh Striltsiv Str. 19, Room 203,
Lviv 79000, Ukraine
phone: +38(032)239-46-56