Academic information & fees

Actually more than 300 incoming students study at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Tuition fee for international students at IFNUL in 2021-2022

Bachelor’s Level (BS/BA) – 1st year of study*

– Full-time study – 47294 UAH per year

– Part-time study – 33106 UAH per year

Master’s Level (MS/MA) – 1st year of study*

– Full-time study – 60062 UAH per year

– Part-time study – 42060 UAH per year

*All payments must be paid in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). Exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine as of August 15, 2022: 1 USD = 36,57 UAH. Books, trips, and medical insurance are not included into the tuition fees.


Calendar for academic year

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

Fall semester: September – January

Spring semester: February – June


Structure of the academic year:

  1. 1. Fall semester – 17 weeks (Sept. 1 – Jan. 5)
    Exam period: Dec. 21 – Jan. 6
    Winter holidays: Jan. 6 – Feb. 8
  2. 2. Spring semester – 17 weeks (Feb. 9 – May 31)
    Exam period: June 1 – June 21
    Summer holidays: June 22 – Aug. 31


Evaluation and Grading System

There are four ways in which a subject can be completed:

– awarding of a credit

– awarding of a graded credit

– passing an examination

– passing an examination after gaining a credit.

Examinations may be written, oral or combined. It is specific for each subject.


IFNUL uses the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) grading scale for assessing student performance:


Grading system

The Ukrainian scale of grades conforms to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


Total grade for a course

ECTS grade


Ukrainian evaluation

Ukrainian evaluation’s pronunciation


90-100 excellent [vidminno]


80-89 good





61-69 satisfactorily / pass






unsatisfactorily / fail





Students who at the exam (credit) have received a total assessment, that does not exceed 51 points or did not appear at the exam are allowed to eliminate academic debt in accordance with the academic debt elimination schedule and the established rules. A student who has received more than two unsatisfactory marks (credit, exam) will be expelled from the University for academic failure. The relevant ECTS grade together with its verbal description is written into a student’s record book.


Termination of Studies

Studies a terminated when:

– a student decides to abandon studies;

– a student fails to meet the requirements of a degree programme as set out in the Study and Examination Rules;

– a student violates the Internal Regulations of the University;

– a student fails to meet the requirements of the contract;

– a student has been expelled.


Dropping Out of Study

If a student decides to drop out of the study, she/he submits his/her decision in written form to the Rector.


Student Responsibilities

All students who study at IFNUL are obliged to fulfil their study-related duties arising from the degree programme they have enrolled on.

In the course of their studies students adhere to the Higher Education Act, IFNUL Statute and other IFNUL internal regulations, particularly the IFNUL Study and Examination Rules and internal regulations of the faculty at which they study.


Before Leaving IFNUL

Before you leave IFNUL, pleasedon’t forget to:

→ return your Student ID Card to Dean’s Office of your Faculty

→ check out at your dormitory

→ return all the books and/or any other documents you borrowed from the faculty or the University Library.