Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont visited IFNUL Library

Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont visited IFNUL Library

MARCH 24, 2017 – The delegation from the French Embassy in Ukraine visited IFNUL Scientific Library. In terms of the visit the Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont studied the funds of the oldest Ukrainian library. The diplomat was interested in fragments of the French collections of documents from the Scientific Library; besides, special attention was paid to the collection of musical scripts and prints of the XVI-XIX centuries (Note: the French Ambassador is also a professional musician).

The Director of the IFNUL Library Vasyl Kmet presented the history of the collections and funds’ formation focusing on the context of Ukrainian-French negotiations, and showed samples of exposition.

The guests revealed particular curiosity to graphic features of the French manuscripts and letters in the XVIII-XIX c. samples. The representation of the French documentary collections of materials for the ‘History of Ukraine in XVI-XVIII c.’, especially the activities of Pylyp Orlyk became a specific topic for the discussion.

Isabelle Dumont had already attended the University Scientific Library. She is interested in intercultural relations and popularization of the common European heritage. Hence, Vasyl Kmet and the Alliance Française’ coordinators in Ukraine discussed the possibility of inter-institutional exchange to examine the library resources’ reforming experience. In addition, the main directions of further cooperation of the Scientific Library with French diplomatic and cultural institutions were outlined.

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