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Meeting with the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Roman Waschuk

   NOVEMBER 4, 2014 – Within the framework of the official visit to Lviv, the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Roman Waschuk met with IFNUL students from the Faculty of International Relations and Faculty of Journalism.

   Ambassador Waschuk with great pleasure shared with students memories of his activities serving as Serbian Ambassador accredited also to Montenegro and Macedonia. In particular, the Canadian diplomat stressed the importance of public diplomacy, which is intended to create an overall positive background information about a state.

   According to Roman Vaschuk, mission of a diplomat is to break down barriers to understanding between nations and peoples and establishing of wide-aspect dialogue. During a meeting with Ambassador were discussed possibilities of fostering joint Ukrainian-Canadian educational programs and academic exchanges, the reaction of Canadians to the social and political events in Ukraine and the prospects of reforming the UN.

   Vice-Rector for International Relations, Prof. Mariya Zubrytska expressed gratitude to the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine for meeting with students, sharing his vision of public diplomacy as well as common issues that disturb Ukrainian and Canadian society


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