IFNUL is implementing the first pilot project in Ukraine «Global Academic Initiatives» « International Office

IFNUL is implementing the first pilot project in Ukraine «Global Academic Initiatives»

MARCH 28, 2015 – A new training course «Global Understanding» was introduced for the first time in Ukraine at the Faculty of International Relations in collaboration with the University of East Carolina (USA) for students of various disciplines as a pilot project for acquiring the unique experience of communication using new information technologies.

The aim of the course «Global Academic Initiatives» is to deepen the knowledge of social and cultural characteristics of the countries and peoples of the world and to improve skills of international communication. 12 Ukrainian students, who demonstrated a high level of foreign language skills and personal characteristics, such as open-mindedness, communication skills, the ability to work in a tandem and in a team and a desire to learn new things, in the competitive selection process, will participate in the project “Global Understanding” during February 17 – May 21, 2015. After course completion they will receive certificates of an international standard. The main component of the course is a direct discussion session of IFNUL students with their colleagues from other countries from three continents (North America, Africa and Asia) in terms of real time (using video conference and chat). In the process of project implementation, IFNUL cooperates with three partner universities: East Carolina University (USA), Jimma University (Ethiopia) and Shandong University (China).

On March 26, 2015, at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of International Relations a joint presentation of student projects was conducted, summarizing the first stage of Ukrainian-American intercultural dialogue within the course «Global Understanding». Students from both countries prepared presentation materials on social, cultural, educational and philosophical themes. In particular, a special interest was paid to such topics as «Changes between generations» and «Grandparents and grandchildren: what can we teach each other?», as well as to the stories about famous people, whose activity influenced the development of the United States and Ukraine. Students tried to make a time journey presenting their projects “Describe your life in 35 years”. Young people shared their experience emotionally and enthusiastically, demonstrating a high level of English and a wide outlook. Working in tandem with American colleagues not only helped to improve language skills, but also to establish friendly relations with students from another continent.

Associate Professor from the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy Svitlana Pyk, Petro Kuzyk and Assistant Professor Nataliya Shalena take part in the implementation of the pilot project. According to one of the project coordinators Svitlana Pyk, the next step of the training course is the cooperation between the students of the Faculty of International Relations and the colleagues from Ethiopia and China.


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