Open lecture of Michal Kobosko “Transatlantic relations in terms of conflict in Ukraine” « International Office

Open lecture of Michal Kobosko “Transatlantic relations in terms of conflict in Ukraine”

MARCH 27, 2015 – On March 27, 2015, Director of the Polish Office of US think-tank “Atlantic Council” Michal Kobosko conducted an open lecture in the Mirror Hall of IFNUL.

The meeting was opened by Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Mariya Zubrytska. “Today the honorable guests of the University are Vice-Consul of the Consulate General of Poland in Lviv Marcin Zieniewicz, Second secretary of the Consulate General of Poland in Lviv Marika Żukowska and Director of the Polish Office of US think-tank «Atlantic Council», famous Polish journalist Michal Kobosko. In the framework of the project «Leopolis for Future» Michal Kobosko would share his thoughts on events in the Ukrainian-Russian border, “- admitted Mariya Zubrytska.

Vice-Consul Marcin Zieniewicz informed students about the ongoing program «Leopolis for Future». Michal Kobosko spoke about important aspects of this program noting that Polish experts will gladly share their experiences with young professionals who come to Poland for training. Speaking of transatlantic relations around the world in terms of Ukrainian-Russian conflict, Michal Kobosko said that after the Second World War in Europe there was not such a case when a neighbor showed aggression to a neighbor. “In this situation, one of the State neighbors disagreed with the democratic spirit and civilization choice of another country”, – concluded Michal Kobosko. “Russia persuade Europe that there are no Russian military equipment and army in Ukraine. However, Russia supplies its armored vehicles and weapons to the east of Ukraine, defiants the whole world and claiming the opposite- said the Polish journalist.

Mr. Kobosko outlined the main aspects and threats of Russian information propaganda which, in his opinion, is well thought out, organized and intended not only for citizens of Ukraine and Russia, but also for people from other countries. Michal Kobosko particularly noted that the television and radio, as well as the Internet affect the public mood. Mr. Kobosko assured that Poland will always maintain a strong position to continue sanctions against Russia. He optimistically considers Ukraine as a sovereign and independent state including the Crimea and eastern regions. And this sovereignty must be respected by all countries.

During the discussion Michal Kobosko said that the USA is the only country that Russia is afraid of because it understands that the American army is stronger, it has modern weapons and the world’s best human resources. In addition the Polish journalist outlined a possible strategy for Russian President Vladimir Putin which involves waiting and escalating the conflict. “So there is a threat for the Baltic States, and therefore Europe should be monolithic in decisions concerning the defense of its borders”, – concluded Mr. Kobosko.


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