Зразки допоміжних документів

Transcripts and diplomas

IFNUL International Office certifies the translation of a number of the official university documents like Transcript, Diploma, Certificate of Minor Specialization etc., as well as Matriculation Certificate of Secondary Education. The procedure is very simple if you follow several rules and do everything in certain sequence.Please note that we provide all above mentioned services only for present IFNUL students and faculty.

Transcript of Records/Академічні довідки (Виписка з оцінками із залікової книжки)

Bring to International Office official translation of “академічна довідка” (in English or any other language you need) with its original for certification. We check and certify the translation if it is correct. If it is not you should correct the mistakes and bring us the amended document along with the first wrong variant so that we didn’t have to verify the whole text from the very beginning. If you need several/many copies of your transcript (or any other certified document in English): at first you make one copy and then as many as you want.

Certificate / Довідка про навчання (довідка з місця роботи)


ЗРАЗКИ ФОРМ ПЕРЕКЛАДУ ДИПЛОМІВ (виданих ЛНУ ім.Івана Франка до 2015 року)

Learning Agreement for Studies (Угода про навчання)

Детальна інструкція щодо заповнення Learning Agreement доступна за наступним посиланням: https://international.lnu.edu.ua/learning-agreement-ifnul-2018/