Open lecture of Henri Laupmaa (Estonia) – “How to fund your ideas using crowdfunding” « International Office

Open lecture of Henri Laupmaa (Estonia) – “How to fund your ideas using crowdfunding”

MAY 13, 2015 – On May 12, 2015, Henry Laupmaa, Estonian expert in software development, founder of Hooandja, CEE region’s first non-profit crowdfunding platform, conducted the open lecture on “How to fund your ideas using Crowdfunding” for the students of the Faculty of International Relations at IFNUL.

Henry Laupmaa noted that “nowadays every third in the world is a user of the World Wide Web, thus they are forming e-society.” Speaking about the effectiveness of the electronic resources usage the Estonian expert informed students about creation of a special platform on the Internet that helps to turn into reality any creative ideas of its users. The first such project in Estonia was “Hooandja”, e-platform in three languages – Estonian, English and Russian which eventually spread throughout the world. The idea is that anyone who has an interesting conception should present it in the video form and submit it on the platform. Then all interested in the project will be able to transfer a certain amount of money to your account, “- said Henry Laupmaa.

The other popular web-sites where you can find the funds for the project, including, Betterplace.som and others also were mentioned in the speech of Estonian expert.

“According to our estimates, 67% of projects are successful. The key is – to get people interested in your idea, to motivate them to help you. The audience responds to the genuine sincerity, passionate desire and ability to implement plans in life, and therefore this is what they want to see in your submitted video. You also need to offer creative and fairly valued prizes “- Henry Laupmaa advised the beginners.

In addition, during the lecture Estonian expert spoke about the creation of social e-platform Lets do it!, which is unique in Ukraine, noting that “it’s a successful world initiative that coordinated 50,000 people to clean up to 10,000 tons of illegal waste in a day. By 2014 more than 10 million people have participated in Let’s Do It! cleanup actions in more than 100 countries”.


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